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CHIROPRACTIC: The most current and gentle techniques are utilize to restore your body to wellness.

PHYSCIAL THERAPY: Utilizing pool therapy and other therapy modalities to return your body to maximum wellness. For pool therapy we do accept medicare.

ACUPUNCTURE: Using the meridians of the body to reduce pain and inflammation and restore the body to wellness.

REHABILIATION: Using our vast facility 100,000 square feet of gym equipment with over 20 years experience in rehab. We take your body to the next level.
WEIGHT LOSS: After a comprehensive history and physical exam you are given a weight loss program based on you. Our programs have a great success rate because they are individually based. Check out our weight loss testimonials.

NUTRITION: Restoring your body to maximum health and wellness is very important. Our bodies our not intended to be sick and run down. Individual nutrition programs are created to restore your body to maximum wellness and performance.

ORTHOITICS: We make custom orthotics for people with imbalances and foot pain. Improve your performance and help stabilize spinal imbalances with custom orthotics.

STRETCHING PROGRAMS: Custom tailored stretching programs are designed for your individual problems. Assisted one and one stretching helps improve the range of motion and function of your joints. We also have specific videos designed with rehabilitation in mind.

CORPORATE WELLNESS PROGRAMS: We design specific wellness programs for your company. Corporate speaking as well as employee health and wellness programs are available.


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