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Core Stability
Core strength is essential for a strong back. Understanding what muscles make up the core and learning what exercises strengthen the core is essential for a health spine.
Major Core Muscles
Your core muscles are actually composed of several major muscle groups including:

Transverse Abdominis (TVA)
The deepest of the abdominal muscles, this core muscle lies under the obliques (muscles of your waist). It acts like a weight belt, wrapping around your spine for protection and stability.

Multifidus Muscle
The Multifidus Muscle is a thin, yet stiff, core muscle deep in the spine. It stabilizes each joint, makes each vertebra work more effectively, and reduces the degeneration of the joint structures.

External Obliques
These core muscles are on the side and front of the abdomen, around your waist, and lays on top of the internal obliques.

Internal Obliques
These core muscles lie under the external obliques, running in the opposite direction.
Rectus Abdominis
The Rectus Abdominis is a long muscle that extends along the front of the abdomen. This is the 'six-pack' part that becomes visible with reduced body fat.

Transversospinalis muscle is a set of muscles which extend and rotate the spine, and act to stabilize and protect the spine from injury. From superficial to deep within along the spine, these muscle groups are know as the semispinalis, the multifidus, the interspinales, the rotatores, and the intertranversarii. They connect one series of vertebral columns with other vertebral columns, and can be strengthened with functional core training and conditioning.
Despite being so deep within the core of our bodies and not visible externally, the transversospinalis muscles are of the very importance when it comes to core training and conditioning, as they are responsible for keeping our backs and spines protected and fit throughout life.






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